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Published by Wakefield Press in 2002

"This is a sexy, funny, dangerous bitch of a book. Nobody does chick noir like KB."
John Birmingham, author

Lady Luck is a comic, contemporary, urban thriller for the 20 to 30-something "chick-lit" market. Brooks' prose has bite and beauty — a virtuoso range of wry wit and metaphor provides depth and poignancy to four central characters. This is unique girl comedy — the writer is a master of cutting one-liners and metaphoric description.

Meet Phoebe — the sexiest, luckiest lady in crime…
Freshly dumped, like an old Pepsi can on the side of the road, by a boy with bad hair riding a Ducati. So she isn't exactly jazzed to discover her ex-boyfriend was also a drug-dealer, and she's accidentally ended up with his merchandise.

Phoebe figures she might as well take advantage of her situation, as young people are encouraged to do in the free-market economy, and it's about then that Jackson Sinclair, the impossibly sexy policeman, starts asking some difficult questions and Phoebe has to figure out if she wants him to kiss her or arrest her.

Lady Luck is a mystery adventure in the tradition of Janet Evanovich and Helen Fielding. It races along on a sassy ride of love, disaster and junk food as Phoebe tries to get her life back together, dodge some of her dubious new acquaintances, and maybe get laid.


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