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Industry insight for your manuscript

Driftwood Manuscripts is a leading provider of detailed manuscript assessments for fiction and non-fiction authors. Manuscript assessment is the crucial step between completing your draft and submitting it to a literary agent or publisher. It provides valuable feedback to increase your chance of attracting a publisher’s attention.

If you are trying to improve your writing style, test the impact of your volume of poetry, or fine-tune a novel for publication, a Driftwood assessment can help. An assessment can assist writers with presenting work to a publisher, making a grant application, or simply having the confidence to persevere.

Our specialties are commercial and literary fiction, speculative fiction and crime, although we cater for all genres.

We accept collections of poetry and short stories or up to six children’s stories under one assessment (based on word count).


Why choose Driftwood?

  • Established for more than 10 years.
  • Recommended by publishers, literary agents and writers’ centres.
  • Led by successful authors ~ founded by literary author Eva Sallis (winner of The Australian Vogel Literary Award) and since 2001 run by Kirsty Brooks, author of seven books.
  • Access to great writers ~ ensures insightful and thorough feedback.
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