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To be published by Wakefield Press 2005

The sequel to LADY LUCK

In Lady Luck, university graduate Phoebe Banks was dumped on the side of the road by her boyfriend and left to fend for herself. She ended up getting into more trouble than a twenty-something with a bad bleach job could hope for, but when her housemate attacked her after killing two men, she saved her own life and that of her friend and police officer, Jackson Sinclair.

In the sequel, Bossy Boots, Phoebe finds herself living in sin but discovers too late that the only sin in Sebastian's house is washing whites in with the coloureds. Sharing the same bathroom with her fantasy date turns out to be slightly less steamy than she'd hoped; there are just some things you want to find out after you've won gold at the sexual Olympics. Phoebe likes him, she thought he liked her, so she's just not quite sure what went wrong when she moved in, although accidentally braining him with the breakfast tray might have had something to do with it.

But it's a crisis averted when Sebastian disappears and the only clues to his whereabouts are a mysterious redhead wearing inappropriate footwear and a cupboard full of porn movies. Paying the rent is suddenly the least of her worries when Phoebe meets Mike 'Minute Man' McNamara and Spunky Greg, two guys who want Sebastian back as much as she does, if only to finish filming Frotting Hill.

In an attempt to figure out what happened to Sebastian, Phoebe finds herself embroiled in some really lame script ideas and when she is eventually trapped into saving Sebastian's life, and dignity, she is forced to use all her ingenuity and wit to survive.

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