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Kirsty has written lots of articles for magazines such as dB Magazine and On The Street (Ots), The Australian Magazine, Cosmopolitan and The Republican. The latter was an independent national newspaper started in 1997 with limited advertising and the purpose of presenting an independent and objective media voice. Unfortunately it ran out of money after about six months and she (with the other couple of hundred people hoping for non-biased news in this country) regrets its passing.

The Republican column about the Internet ('Surfers Paradise') was based on any topic she wanted (plastic surgery disasters, McLibel, drugs, Internet dating, etc) and she also wrote Internet news and recommended hot sites and wrote some articles about South Australian issues.

Here are some of the Republican articles. More will go up as time goes by as well as some of the other pieces (but not the rude story for Cosmopolitan).

Email her if you have any ideas or feedback on these. She would love to hear any constructive criticism.


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